Parsnip Parsimony- A vegan baking and science blog.

“You’re crazy, Susie!”

Here I am. This is a blog. I will not flake on this. I am a vegan mofo.

Posted by Susie on November 4, 2007

I spent the greater part of the afternoon thinking up the title of this blog. I wanted to call it “The Vegan Alchemist”, but I was not so keen on channeling Tobias from Arrested Development… So here we are. How ’bout them parsnips?

5 Responses to “Here I am. This is a blog. I will not flake on this. I am a vegan mofo.”

  1. kittee said

    hi susie you mofo.
    you better post every fucking day!


  2. susie!

    i made a syndication for LJ.
    (sorry i had to remove a P to make it fit.)

    i look forward to your posties! yaaaaay!

  3. ahahahahahahaaaa! it took me a while, but i finally figured out what theveganalchemist would look like. heheheheheeee.

    you’ll always be the veganalchemist to me.

    i wonder what a veganalchemist would be doing in the lab. ohgod, it’d probably be utilizing carrots. *feels dirty*

  4. susie1764 said

    “ohgod, it’d probably be utilizing carrots.”
    Ha! they don’t call you SuperCarrot for nothing then, huh?

    Parsnips would probably work too…..

  5. susie1764 said

    And thanks for setting up the livejournal deal-y!

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