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“You’re crazy, Susie!”

My favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Posted by Susie on November 6, 2007

Is solving food science mysteries. I know of no greater thrill than the thrill I get when I am trying to veganize a tricky-to-veganize baked good, or if I am trying to figure out something I don’t understand about why food does what it does, or even trying to figure out WHAT it does. Oh man, its just great.

So, if anyone has any good food science mysteries, you should like- post here- because I really like solving them. And I am running out of VeganMOFO ideas.

9 Responses to “My favorite thing in the whole wide world.”

  1. kittee said

    i’m tempted to say “salmon cakes,” but my love affair ended with them when i was three and figured out that they were fish!

    what about creme brule? i’ve seen a recipe for it with a tofu custard, but I’d love to see what you come up with.


  2. Dawn said

    This is probably a pretty easy one for you and I may know the answer but would like your opinion. I found a recipe for vegan mayonnaise which used soy milk. The review said how nice and creamy and thick the mayo was. I tried itbut with rice milk and it just looked like oily milk. Could it be the protein that makes it emulsify? Do you think almond milk would work?

    Kittee…that’s funny I was thinking creme brulee yesterday! So +1 on that one and I’d like it without soy.

  3. Susie said

    The protein in soy milk is able to emulsify to some extent. I would have to guess that almond milk would be able to emulsify even less all by itself, because there is less protein.

    If you add a teensy bit of liquid soy lecithin to your milk however, you will be able to emulsify all you want!

    -More later- I have to go to math class!

  4. Dawn said

    Hope you enjoyed class. Unfortunately, I’m supposed to be 100% soy free, so I can’t use lecithin either. I think that was the reason I never just broke down and bought any vegannaise. Do you think vegetable glycerin would work in place of the lecithin? The properties of ingredients are what I want to work to understand so that I can do my own subs. The stuff you know is amazing!

  5. bottleandball said

    Gluten free gluten. Go! Just kidding. Kind of.

    My mad baking science experiments aren’t really proper experiments. I sort of know the properties of some of the things I’m trying to replace, but not of the flours I’m trying to sub instead. Did you have a lot of knowledge re non gluten flours or know any books that cover this in depth? I need help recovering my baking mojo.

  6. Chipmunk said

    There exists such a thing as soy-free, vegan mayonnaise, but I don’t have any in my fridge right now. They use pea protein and stabilizers, if I remember correctly. I’ve never tried hemp protein powder – would it taste ok in mayo? Using mustard as an emulsifier in place of lecithin might do the trick. Glycerin is hydrophilic ,looking at the structure (3 big ol’ hydroxyl groups), so that wouldn’t work. Very smoothly processed sunflower seeds seasoned like mayonnaise are an ok approximation for some things.

    Errr…sorry for the blog-jack…

    Anyway, I also can’t picture myself eating tofu-based crème brulée, since it would taste like, you know, tofu, to me. Crème caramel with the syrup mixed into the custard I could deal with. The thing I’d be more interested in though: Soufflé.

  7. Susie said

    ah. I see the problem then!

    And now I have a good mystery! I will get back to you!

  8. kittee said

    could mustard work to emulsify the soy free mayo?


  9. Susie said

    I am working on a big old post about mayo, emulsifiers, and this question! I should have it done by tonight I am hoping..

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