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“You’re crazy, Susie!”

“Not Bad For a Vegan Baker With ADD!”

Posted by Susie on November 6, 2007

This wonderfully non-PC phrase replaced “I’m Susie, and I’m right!” as my official motto last winter quarter when I got an 82 (really bad!) on a chemistry test. It continues to hold strong as a pretty nice motto. I might not be the BEST student in the world, but you have to admit that I do pretty well, considering. Lets hope that the schools I want to transfer to agree.

Case in point: I actually finished most of the questions on my calculus test this morning, even though I was running on three hours of sleep, and anywhere from 7-3 hours of actually learning the things I was being tested on. And that chemistry test I said I messed up yesterday? Turns out that with the curve 38 out of 50 is actually pretty good. Who would’ve thunk it?

As much as I like the thrill of living on the academic edge, I really do want to try using my free time to study instead of  interneting. I really want to see- for the sake of curiosity- what would happen. Would I improve my grades? Become more virtuous? Get really bored? See a drop in my GPA due to the lack of adrenaline rush that comes with waiting until the last minute? … So I have been spending more time on campus before and after class in attempts to make myself study. I will post if anything interesting happens.

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