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“You’re crazy, Susie!”

I found some really nice volume to weight conversion charts…

Posted by Susie on November 16, 2007

One for LOTS of ingredients thats volume to ounces, and the other for fewer (the commonest though) ingredients thats in grams. The ounce one is not that precise (closest quarter ounce) and has annoying fractions instead of decimals, but its still pretty good.

I put links to both of them in the new “tools and resources” section of my “blog roll”. I will still work to post (tested) volume measurements  when I post a final version of a recipe, but now if anyone wants to work with any of the experimental stuff I post and doesn’t have a scale, an alright approximation is but a few mouse and calculator clicks away!

If anyone has more ideas for useful stuff which I should probably link to or whatever, just let me know! This blog thing is still underconstruction, and I intend to work on other parts of my “links” section later to link to more friends, and I think I will learn what the heck “tabs” are, ’cause they seem important. Then WAY eventually I want to learn to make this page more personally designed instead of just using the wordpress template.

I like this blog-having thing. I have so many new ideas! Woo-Hoo!

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