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“You’re crazy, Susie!”

My “Turkey Loaf” blog entry. (‘Cause Isa made me.)

Posted by Susie on November 23, 2007

I posted this on the ppk forums, but wasn’t going to post it here- I dunno, because it didn’t seem like an experiment or anything? But then Isa insinuated that this should be on my blog, and well… I’m just too smart to try arguing with Isa.

I didn’t really write stuff down that well regarding what I put in this (The stuffing that is, the bread is Peter Reinhart’s “French Bread”- on page 168 of “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”), but it wasn’t that precise of an operation anyway, so I can give y’all a general idea.

The bread was a two-day, 50% pre-ferment, french bread. Instead of the half bread flour/half AP flour mix in both the preferment and the final dough, I used all AP flour in my preferment and all bread flour in my final dough. Really, it was because I had no bread flour the first day, but it also might have helped me make a dough that was stiff enough to not make a totally flat turkey.

To form this, I cut two 80 g pieces for my drumsticks and two 60g pieces for my wings. I rolled the rest of the dough into a very tight ball (so it would be as tall as possible) and put it on my baking pan kind of pushing it into an elongated egg shape. Then, I rolled my wing pieces into snakes, and formed my wings my tucking one end under the “body”, making a bend as the turkeys elbow (or whatever that joint is) and then pointing it up (just like the turkeys looked like on my Google image search for “thanksgiving turkey”) I made dough balls out of the drumstick pieces, but then rolled one end of them out to make the “stick” part. They got placed slightly under the body of the “turkey” (I wanted to go for maximum height here) and then got pressed up against the sides.

The whole thing got a xanthan gum/ soy creamer/ caramel syrup glaze, and proofed about an hour with coffee cups pressed against different parts of the drumsticks in an effort to keep the whole thing from spreading out.

When all was proofed, the top got cut with a knife and I created the plucked feather look with snipping the surface with the ends of a scissors.

( It looks so silly! hee hee hee!)

Oven, with steam, 450 F. (I forget how long- until it was nice and brown… ) (oh my god- It had oven spring that was outta this world, as you can kind of see in the upside down pictures- I was pretty pleased with that.)

After it cooled a little, I cut a whole in the bottom and scooped out the insides.

I made the stuffing by sauteing about a half cup each of chopped onion, carrot, and celery with one chopped package of tofurkey brand roast sandwich slices, some earth balance margarine, pepper and red wine. Then I put everything in the food processor with the insides of my bread loaf:

The stuffing got put back inside the loaf, and the lid to the hole I cut was put back in place. I brushed the top with some melted earth balance, and put it back in the oven for about a half hour.

Thankgiving dinner: We had turkey loaf, Moussaka from Veganomicon, mushroom gravy, and agar berry jello. I was very full afterward.

But yeah- Pretty much I just made this so I could make the “Turkey Loaf” pun. It was a lot of work for a punchline, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I kind of think the whole turkey shape is a little weird if its not just for a punchline… I mean- why would anyone want bread shaped like a dead bird? But whatever. It WAS tasty, and most of all, I had a good laugh out of it.

8 Responses to “My “Turkey Loaf” blog entry. (‘Cause Isa made me.)”

  1. jd said

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Susie, you are so cool.

  2. Alexandra Coursen said

    That is amazing; sort of “objectionable” from the veggie point of view, but fun and amazingly life-like. I have to try this!! Thanks for posting!

  3. baliwhat said

    Wow. Even the ‘before’ pic with the coffee mugs looks kinda like an uncooked turkey. Creepy! Good job though!

  4. lindsay said

    TOTALLY hilarious – and amazing job!!

  5. figswithbri said

    Fun! I love the visual pun. My husband carved a turk-tater that you might want to see
    Who says we vegetarians can’t make fun of ourselves! Looks like yours was tasty too!

  6. miche said

    WOW! That looks amazing! And incredibly difficult as well… I wish I had as much creative skills as that.

    Totally brilliant! 😀

  7. Hillary said

    That’s too cute! It looks so real! Good work, hehe.

  8. Bridget said

    We can speak just in praise of you idea.

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