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“You’re crazy, Susie!”

Helloooooooo, Internet!

Posted by Susie on November 29, 2007

So I woke up this morning and saw that the number of visitors to this blog had skyrocketed: over 300 hits today, with five hours left in the “day”, which is so far a threefold increase from the previous record-setting day (yesterday).

It looks like my “Turkey Loaf” got linked to from Tastespotting by Nerdling, who I have a strong hunch must be the very same Nerdling as is on the PPK boards? Thanks, Nerdling!

If I knew you all were coming, I would have baked a cake! I also would have tried to get this blog looking a little bit more ship shape, I still need to get around to adding those “tag” things, and my blogroll is in dire need of being expanded. So sorry about the mess!

Also, Sorry I hadn’t anticipated the interest in the turkey-loaf. In hind-sight, it probably would have been better if I had better photographed and documented how made the dough, formed the pieces and assembled the loaf. Next time, I guess!

But its okay- I can deal with unexpected company. Have a seat, try a piece of pie, and stick around for some vegan brioche theorizing! (Just let me get through finals-week first!)



9 Responses to “Helloooooooo, Internet!”

  1. figswithbri said

    This is a really cute post. I had seen your turkey loaf on Tastespotting and enjoyed the veg humor. It is true how these things work. Makes you feel like you have to have your hair done, wearing a nice pinafore, with fresh cookies baking in the oven at all times. Never know when 300 or so new friends will show up hungry.

  2. Mihl said

    If I knew you had baked a cake, I would have come twice! Seriously, I think your blog deserves all the attention it gets.

  3. bazu said

    One day when you’re rich and famous, I can say I was one of the first visitors to your blog! 😉

  4. Dawn said

    Good point, Bazu! Don’t forget the “little people”, Susie. When are exams over? We miss your blogging.

  5. Susie said

    Both finals are on Monday- I’m in for one hell of a weekend.

  6. Dawn said

    Good luck! I have a test tomorrow, a project due Monday and an exam on Wednesday. We’re in the same studying boat.

  7. B.A.D. said

    Good luck on finals susie!
    ❤ your amazing and the blogs too cute.

  8. nerdling said

    I’ve been so good at staying on top of blogs for the past month. Or not.

    And yes, it was the same nerdling. Glad your most excellent turkey loaf pulled in some traffic! I’m waiting anxiously for the meringue post…

  9. Susie said

    ❤ ❤ <3!

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