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Pictures of meringues, and a decision made finally.

Posted by Susie on December 19, 2007

I’ve pretty much decided that the right thing to do would be to just post my egg white replacer recipe (the one that can do meringue, cream puffs, etc…) here on the blog. All I need to do now is psych myself up enough to actually go through with the “posting it” part. Thats going to take some guts.

Although…. I might opt to have a few select people “test” the recipe before I make it available to the masses- if only because I would hate to have a significantly flawed recipe widely distributed and end up with a lot of frustrated people. So it might be later that I finally post, rather than sooner. Important thing is though: I pretty much for sure WILL post this- in one form or another. I think I’m pretty happy with that decision, too. I’ve pretty much been possessed with the “okay… I figured out how to make vegan meringue… now what am I supposed to do?” dilemma for about exactly three years now.

But anyway- I made a batch this week, and I think I’ve fully overcome one out of two big problems that were keeping my meringue from being “perfected”. This batch actually tasted good. (The other big problem is foam strength, although I am slowly but surely getting closer to fixing that one too.)

Up until now, I’ve mostly concerned myself with foam structure. Three years ago, the ingredient I was using to make very primitive versions of what I make now also provided a positively revolting taste. I ate it anyway, even though I still shudder at the memory, all out of sheer determination of developing a vegan meringue (I still can’t eat bran muffins to this day, I’ll tell you that!). But yes. Even though its been in the back of my mind all along that developing a vegan meringue would be pointless if it didn’t taste good, I decided to work on structure first, and worry about taste later. And now that my structure is almost perfect, I’m pretty glad I got the stuff to taste good. Woohoo!

Here are some pictures of my latest attempt:

(this is blurry, and technichally a bad photo, but I think its really kind of pretty in a way)

Before whipping (Hee Hee! It looks like a pun!)

Before cooking: (you can tell I still need to work on making the foam a bit stiffer. If that I had a freeze drier, it would be a piece of cake.)

32 Responses to “Pictures of meringues, and a decision made finally.”

  1. kittee said

    i feel like a really proud fake egg mama. i can’t imagine what you’re using since it’s bright yellow, but good on you! also, please don’t feel obliged to post it for public access, your hard work is valuable.


  2. Dawn said

    Depending what’s in it, I’ll test for you. I love meringue cookies. But I’m guessing it’s full of some kind of soy, isn’t it Susie? That darn stuff is so handy.

  3. Susie said

    gluten-free, soy-free!

  4. holy crepe!

    *goes to check the testing forum*

  5. Susie said

    I don’t have anything posted there yet, but I do think I will soon. I will email when the time comes!

  6. Dawn said

    I’m not one of the privileged on the testing forum, but feel free to email or pm me through ppk.

  7. sarah said

    Wow! That’s amazing! Good for you!

    If you do need any more testers, I’d be willing to try. And I agree with kittee- don’t feel obliged to post it if you don’t want to.

  8. Squeak said

    Oh, wow. I don’t usually want to test things, but I would LOVE to contribute to this.

  9. Tami said

    I agree with Kittee.. you’ve worked long and hard at this. While it is a generous spirit to post it, why not pop it into a zine or something at the very least?

    I’m so happy for you that you are really onto it! Congratulations.

  10. kittee said

    i keep checking for updates!


  11. Jenthecolorist said

    omg my girlfriend will be so psyched..!!!

  12. Brea said

    I feel the opposite… You are now obligated to post the recipe! hahah You can’t give us all a teaser like that and then leave us hanging. boohoo.
    I’ll be a tester for sure! I’ve been dying for fluffy meringue like things! It almost looks like cotton candy in that 1 pic – like its threads.
    & real meringues I hear are super low in calories, wonder if this vegan version is too.

  13. vegetation said

    Something that’s vegan and soy free? ::dies of happiness::

  14. Susie said

    Hey all- I have a good deal of testers already, and they are awesometastic, but I would not be adverse to adding more, with a few limits though:

    If I’ve met you in person, of course you are welcome to be a tester! Chances are, the only reason I haven’t asked you to do so are because I’m not sure you would want to and I don’t want to impose! So email me already, and let me know your into it!

    If I’ve never met you in person, but I “know” you on the internet, then there is most likely room for you in my testing group. By “know” I mean you are either are a ppk old timer or I’ve talked to you on the ppk about food nerd stuff? Email me! but make sure you let me know who you are on the ppk and what your website is if you have a website? Because I likely won’t recognize your email address.

    If you want to be a tester but I don’t really know you, its worth a try to email anyway, but please don’t take it personally if you’re not put into the testing group. This is something I feel a bit protective of, so I’m going to be probably overly-cautious.

    My email is Susie1764 at hotmail dot com

  15. bazu said

    Hi Susie,

    These photos are so pretty- all fluffy and cloud-like…

    If you need more testers, please email me!

  16. vegyogini said

    Ooh, I LOVE meringue cookies and I’m dying for the recipe! We don’t really “know” each other, so I’m going to wait patiently until you’re willing to share. 🙂 Otherwise, I’d be more than happy to help test!

  17. melisser said

    so so beautifullllll.

  18. amberdawn said

    this looks awesome. I’ve NEVER EATEN one of your meringues. how sad is that?

  19. yahvinah said

    I have been killing myself for YEARS trying to come up with this recipe, and I had given up! I am a biochemist, so I may be able to help you with some idea of how to strengthen the foam network! Pls consider me! Or atleast mail me a taste!!!!

    Blind Tips (as i have no idea of what you are using)
    1. flax seed gel will make the mix heavy so it will weaken the foam
    2. cream of tartar is used as a stabiliser
    3. icing sugar may help to dry the mix, and strengthen it
    4. corn flour will most likely affect the flavour, and need s to be heated to be activated
    5. Arrowroot thickens and may assist
    6. agar agar, is prolly the way to go, but i have been burned vby it so much in the past I don’t even want to try!

    find it in your heart to point me in the right direction!!!!

  20. winter said

    hey there, absolutely love the blog even if it does take out the witch craft element of vegan baking…. I’m trying to find where the meringue recipe is posted (as you said you were going to) but I can’t find it…. any clues?

  21. Susie said

    @ Winter:
    I’m glad you like the blog! Believe it or not though, the “recipe” still isn’t posted in public! We were making all sorts of wonderful progress on it in the “testing” board, but then the 16 credits that I was taking caught up with me and everything- this meringue included- got shoved aside.

    Now its spring break though, and I am determined to make amends such that you all will not have to be waiting around for another quarter while I struggle through physics class. So stay tuned for the next week or two!

  22. winter said

    thank goodness, this brings me one step closer to my ultimate goal… the vegan baked Alaska

  23. michelle said

    I am just starting to get my baking skills honed, so I am really looking forward to trying out your meringue recipe. How exciting! Thanks for sharing (soon, that is).

  24. vintageveganpotter said

    Love the blog and am eagerly awaiting the meringue recipe! If you need any testers, please, please count me in! My kitchen screams for tests recipes hehe. Otherwise I hope the recipe comes out soon! 🙂 🙂

  25. Did you post the egg white recipe yet? Well are all waiting!!You are my herO. I want meringue NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  26. imaveganpancake said

    ooooh wow. I can’t wait!!!!
    the excitement builds!

  27. Sue said

    Hi, I love your blog,the photos are great,my name is Sue. I am working on egg-free gluten-free recipes for an Australian health food company & am currently working on recipes for meringue.
    So far I have good flavor, but am finding that they lose shape after being piped on to the tray.
    Perhaps our heatwave conditions are not helping!
    Good luck with your quest, & I will write again when I have greater success.

  28. beckee said

    Susie! I just found your blog, and it is AMAZING! I LOVE WHAT YOU DO! i don’t know anything about chemistry, but the way you explain what you do with foods make me wanna do a radical life change and head straight to university. I wanna be able to do what you do, because it seems like so much fun being able to predict results of things and make actual experiments, not just throw things in a pan and see what happens, which is what i do…
    Anyway, if you ever start blogging again, i will read your every single post

  29. Hi there!

    I work at a student run vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Wholefoods (at Monash university in Melbourne, Australia) and we would love to have more options to show people that vegan food is tasty, “normal” and that they should try it out!

    Can you post the recipe please?

  30. Keah said

    Hey Susie,

    I’m a first timer veiwing this blog. I would love your recipe if you have posted it. Thanks Keah

  31. health foods that are organice and have natural source should be the stuff that we should take ‘.~

  32. darla said

    hey sue, the australian health food company you are developing your meringue recipe for is not ORGRAN is it?
    i am sitting looking at a box of orgran egg replacer here with a new picture of delicious looking meringues on it!!!!

    and i am going to try it out today….

    i love orgran..i consume vast quantities of their chocolate mousse mix, although i add soy milk instead of water, some hazelnut syrup to sweeten it and extra cocoa, but it is delicious!

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