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It has been a while.

Posted by Susie on May 31, 2009

Wow, a lot has happened since I last updated. I don’t have any more baked goods to show you- for now at least- but I do have some loooong overdue food science I would like to talk about, which I feel I need to talk about before I go back to school, and forfeit my free time indefinitely.

I’ve agonized about choosing the best genre with which to communicate my favorite ideas with you all for a very long time now. If I could sit down with each and every one of you, and tell you all about plant proteins and why they are heart-breakingly under-utilized by our culinary culture, food industry, and animal rights communities, then we would have no problems communicating… But I can’t sit down with all of you. It is about time I started wrangling these ideas into a finite number of words.

It may be ramble-y. Even taking into account the probably-annoying longness of my blog posts to date, this is going to take a few individual blog posts to get though entirely. And I’m not going to commit to any specific genre: if I did that, I would never be able to decide on one and just start writing. So I’m going to make up format as I go along.

And it won’t be perfect, either. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to gain an adequate understanding of the food industry, food culture, bakery science, food chemistry, colloid science, and so many other things so that I could maybe one day talk to you all about these favorite ideas of mine and actually know what I’m talking about… believe me- I’m not there yet. But I’ve made some progress, and because I have some free time this summer, and because this fall I will kiss all my free time good-bye indefinitely, I’ve decided that the time has come to get stuff typed as-is. It is a very hard decision for me, a hopeless perfectionist, to make, but I will just have to deal with that.

So prepare yourself, blogosphere, for my wordy, non-expert communication of my very favorite ideas. Par for the course will be narrative about what I’ve been up to for the past five six years, protein structure and function 101, ranting against bad science education, and probably many more disclaimers about what I’m not sure of than I really need to put in my writing. But at least it will be something, and then at least once I am off at college and am doing nothing but studying, the information will be right here, ready to be read by you, so that these favorite ideas don’t have to stay heart-breakingly locked up any longer.

So it is time for me to start writing. This post wasn’t that hard. The next one couldn’t be much worse!

4 Responses to “It has been a while.”

  1. mihl said

    I am prepared and can’t wait for your next posts. Welcome back!

  2. nanoadri said

    OMG! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! i’m a chemist and when i saw the whole aromatic ring thing… hilarious, funny, interesting! great! i also have a blog, just started though…
    really, keep on doing this awesome things!


  3. Amber Dawn said

    Honestly, you are better with wrangling your ideas into printed words than you think you are. I read both these posts and they made sense 🙂 Of course if you ever want editorial advice, such as it may be, I’m always available.

  4. Theresa said

    I am so intrigued! I am loving your old posts on this blog–being a chem minor myself, your posts just remind me so [lovingly] of o-chem classess….I seriously hope hope hope you return someday to resolve the mystery egg replacer!


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